How can Ayurved help in the prevention and Cure of COVID 19?

How can Ayurved help in the prevention and Cure of COVID 19?

This is a question almost every Indian and Ayurved lover has been asking of lately. Even the Ayush ministry has specifically laid its guidelines to help people use Ayurved for the betterment of individual health and boost immunity.

But first we need to understand the role of Ayurved and know that there is a great difference in the prevention and cure methodology. Time and again it has been stated that Ayurved is there to boost your optimal health and by no means should it be taken as a curative method in the case of coronavirus 19.

Our #PM Mr. Modi has always stated the importance of alternative therapies in the prevention of diseases and boosting your health and the Government Is providing all guidelines to include AYUSH  in daily living.

Ayurveda, regarded as a Holistic manual of Life & Age, describes a lifestyle that’s in harmony with nature. The Ayurvedic description of health is:

(समदोष: समधातु समाग्निश्चा मलक्रियः)

(प्रसन्नात्मेंद्रियामन: स्वस्थ इत्याभिधियते)”

“Samadosha, Samadhatu Samagnischa, malkriyah

Prasannatmendriyamanah, Swastha ityabhidhiyate

i.e. Only he, whose doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) dhatus (physical components – Rasa, Rakta, Mansa, Meda, Asthi, Majja & Shukra i.e. Plasma, Blood, Flesh, Fats, Bones, Bone marrows & Semen respectively) & Agni (digestive fire) is balanced, appetite is good, all tissues of the body and all-natural urges are functioning properly, and whose mind, body and spirit (self) are cheerful or full of bliss, is a perfectly healthy person. Ayurveda considers the individual as a whole and seeks to re-establish harmony between all the constituents of the body and a perfect balance of the tripod – Mind, Body, and Spirit. Basically Ayurveda is Health promotive – preventive – curative and nutritive – all self-contained.

Time and again Ayurved has taught us to follow a daily pattern of living according to our surroundings. This not only helps in building immunity but also keeps many health conditions away.