Heart Disease

In the body ,Hriday ( heart ) is one of the most important organ . It is called as Marma Sthana( Vital organ ) . The most important treatment is to cut the Apachit sMedaDhatu( LDL ) . The treatment is directed to treat the hypercholesterolaemia . The use of Gold bhasma is beneficial . The Gold bhasma provides vital strength to the myocardium ( heart muscles ) . Thereby restoring the normal functioning of the heart.

The most important role of Ayurvedic medicines is in preventing or reducing atherosclerosis and thereby controlling coronary artery disease .Ayurvedic formulations like various forms of Guggulu , Chandraprabhavati and herbal combinations of various herbs like Amalaki ( Emblicaofficinalis ) , Arjuna ( Terminaliaarjuna ) , Kutki ( Picrorrhizakurroa ) , Punarnava ( Boerrhaviadiffusa ) and Triphala are very useful in reducing blood cholesterol , fatty deposits in the blood vessels , atherosclerosis , blood pressure & excess fat deposition all over the body.

The use of Panchkarma can be done strictly under supervision . The panchkarma helps to restore the body doshas& maintains the metabolism . Not all , but some therapies of panchkarma can be done very effectively in the treatment of Hrid - Shula . The Virechana( purgation ) , Basti ( Enema ) , HridBasti , Whole body massage helps a lot . The most basic reason of Cholesterol is treated very effectively with these therapies.

The use of SattvavajayChikitsa( mental support , mental rehabilitation ) is the forefront treatment . It is very necessary to provide mental support for the affected person . The positive approach towards life & health is very important aspect . The calm mind can do this . The use of Shirodhara is the best remedy for this . It soothes the brain & refreshes the mind.