Acne & Pigmentation

Mukhalepam or mukhalepanam is an Ayurveda facial treatment which can be characterized as a pure Ayurvedic skin care treatment. In these natural packs various sorts of herbs, therapeutic plants, juices of plants, oils, ghee, decoction, fruits etc. are utilized, dissimilar to the facial in which chemicals are utilized.

It is then made into a paste form that feeds & cleans the skin &give the skin a delicate & clear look. It is a treatment in which the face is dealt legitimately with steam & after that the face pack or paste is applied.


Mukhalepam is a best treatment for skin care issues from Acne and Pigmentation. The entire methodology detoxifies & in addition improves the beauty of the skin.

  • Restrains wrinkles & tones the skin
  • Diminishes irritation & agony
  • Calm Acne
  • Ease skin sores
  • Diminishes discoloration of facial skin
  • Restrains aging of the skin