Pre Pregnancy

Nature has given a great responsibility i.e., “Pregnancy” to human body. Now-a-day due to competitive life, the advance generation desire only one child and willing that their child should be physically, mentally & intellectually stronger than them

So we at Shishu and maa try to educate them for better new generation. Ayurved takes care of all aspects of human wellbeing. All the classics have mentioned keen descriptions about reproductory age, rutukal, dincharya, rutucharya. Yogabhyas, panchkarma, pranayam, aahar-vihar, aacharrasayan, counseling, meditation, positive thinking & garbhini paricharyai.e., regimen from 1st to 9th month of pregnancy. . It helps to reduce the risk of adverse health effect on women & foetus & risk of hereditary diseases in next generation.