Permanent Hair Removal

Excessive hair growth in men and women is termed as ‘Hypertrichosis’, which can be categorized into local and general types. The term ‘Hirsutism’ is used for medically significant excessive hair growth, usually as an outcome of the endocrine disorder. Most of the excessive hair growths fall under ‘Superfluous hair’ category where the sufferer is not medically ill and hair growth is simply undesirable socially. Few known reasons for this excessive hair growth condition range from malnutrition in children, anorexia nervosa, underlying malignancy, PCOS, endocrine disorders to genetics and drug interaction. But the most prominent reason that we have observed over past 11 years is the wrong hair removal methods, wherein hair is pulled in an attempt to rid it permanently.


The concept is based on fact that human body is born with sac-like structures, the follicles that grow and support hair under the skin and there is no new addition of follicles in a lifetime. Once eliminated along with its surrounding potential germ cells the hair shall never grow from that follicle. It is thus Permanent Hair Removal which is successfully attained at our centers.