In Ayurveda, the main reason of diabetes is believed to be Vayu. When Vata gets aggravated and Oja flows out through urine, the condition is called diabetes. Usually diabetes occurs during the old age when all the Dhatus go on weakening day by day.3000 years ago Acharyas Charak and Sushruta had discovered the passing of sugar.The scientific method of estimating the blood sugar and urinary sugar given in the Charak Samhita and Sushruta Samhita are unique. Acharya Sushruta describes the colour of the urine of the diabetic as honey - like and Acharya Charaka examines the urine of a diabetic with ants.

"Madhuryachchatanoratahevammakshikopasarpenashariramadhuryam." By just observing the colour, ants and flies, they concluded the presence of sugar in urine and blood without performing any laboratory test.

OUR AYURVEDIC APPROACH:Panchakarma procedures like Abhyanga, Swedana, MashapindaSweda, Shirodhara, Shirobasthi, Kayaseka are proved to be beneficial in the long run. Ayurvedic treatment differs from person to perso

In the beginning, medicine is given according to the personal criteria. After monitoring the blood sugar level in the stipulated time, maximum dosage of the medicine is given. Medicine is continued until blood sugar level comes to normal. It is the turning point. From then onwards, gradually the dosage of the medicine is reduced.

Then either patient will be maintained in minimal dosage or without the medicine! This kind of approach gives hopes to diabetics where there is a possibility of stopping the medicine totally. Moreover, other medicines for constipation, drug induced hyper acidity, general debility, sleeplessness etc. are not at all needed. Complications such as sudden hypoglycemic or hyperglycemic shocks are extremely rare. Complications of long standing diabetes are uncommon while the patient is taking Ayurvedic treatment.